Fun with triangles hat

This new hat pattern is from Linda, of Knitwise Design: Fun With Triangles. It’s available for download at the Knitwise Design Ravelry store. I was one of six test knitters on this pattern and every one of us had a blast! One of the testers, who knitted hers in lovely jewel tones of yellow-gold, purple, garnet and emerald, said her daughter was refusing to take it off and planned to sleep in it.

Knitting the small triangles goes very quickly and it’s very addicting. “Bet you can’t knit just one!” You get the eight of them completed lickedly-split and, of course, the rest of the hat is a breeze. I like to make warm wintry hats in colors that remind of spring, so I choose colors of Plymouth Encore that make the hat look like a decorated Easter Egg. One knitter chose subdued tans and brown and the hat turned out very classy. Some knit it up in bright shades and every hat looked great.

Linda gives the gauge in stockinette at 5 stitches per inch. But you’ll also want to measure out your first triangle and compare it to the schematic she supplies because if your gauge in garter stitch is off the band won’t turn out to be the desired length. Of course, that’s not all bad. Just knit another. Because one thing we knitters know is that some head will be just the right size to wear whatever we knit.

The pattern uses worsted weight. It would be fun to downsize it with a sport weight or babyweight and see how this charmer would look on some wee one. I’m eyeing my stash of Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino to see what I might come up with.

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  1. @Linda…it was really fun! I enjoyed the process and I’m looking forward to working this up in a few different yarns and yarn weights.

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