Grandmother’s dishcloth, a variant

This is Jana Trent’s a/k/a the eLoomanator’s variation on the traditional dishcloth I know as “Grandmother’s” dishcloth. In the original, you leave out that very pretty center square of yarn overs and knit-two-togethers and just do the edge increases and decreases. We knitters have made a least a zillion of them. Where would kitchen cotton companies be without grandmother having taught all of us the basic pattern?

Trent’s version is especially well thought out. The center panel creates a nice serviceable scratchy surface. And when the dishcloth shrinks because we all throw these things in the washer and then throw them in the dryer (don’t we?), the yarn-overs create enough space to keep the cloth looking less tired for a longer time. These two are knit in Lily’s Sugar ‘n Cream worsted weight cotton, on US size 7 needles.

The pattern is a free one, available for download on Ravelry. Look for “eLoomanator’s Diagonal Dishcloth” in a pattern search. Or run a Jana Trent search in the Ravelry designers.

4 thoughts on “Grandmother’s dishcloth, a variant

  1. The eloomanator dishcloth does not work for me, I follow the pattern but the middle doesn’t balance out. It’s so strange

  2. @Cassie…Hmmm. I have knit a few and the pattern is correct. I remember that it takes quite a bit of concentration. I went onto Ravelry and filtered the projects for the helpful ones. I didn’t find anything that sounds like it would help with the middle not balancing out. As long as your stitch count is correct, it should be working. Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

  3. I had the same problem of the center stitches not being in the center. I knitted the beginning until I had 25 sts then started adding the center sts. This way I had 12 sts on each side while increasing and decreasing.

  4. @ Sonja…thanks so much for the “fix” on this and for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

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