There are gazillions of thumbless mitten patterns in the knitting universe for freshly hatched humans. And there are gazillions of detailed beauties for those of us whose hands have stopped growing. But for toddlers, the pickings are rather slim.

This is Heather Mees’s (of Mees’ Pieces) free pattern on Ravelry named “Another Pair of Mittens.” Let’s get one thing straight, though. This won’t be a dissertation on the use of apostophes in proper names that end in an “s.” But if you wonder about the raging grammar controversy that led the Chicago Manual of Style to eventually part company with itself and my grammar teachers to favor Mees’s check this out.

Back to mittens.

My only modification was to knit a long connecting I-cord, which Isaac’s mom thought was a great idea. Now our little guy will come home with the same number of mittens he left with. Well, at least they’ll be lost in pairs, which is always some consolation.


The alternative of knitting a third mitten just in case, works too. So does mixing and matching colors. These are knit in easy-care, throw-in-the-wash-then-in-the-dryer, Plymouth Encore.Imittens

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