Knitted Washcloths

The trio of washcloths in this post are designed by Evelyn A. Clark. The patterns were published by Fiber Trends in a booklet called “Bathtime Blossoms.” They are worked flat, in short row wedges. Eight wedges to a cloth. I knitted mine in a discontinued Rowan “100% organic” cotton that’s been in my stash for about a dozen years: Fox Fibre. Size 3 needles. Clark calls the first one “Flowered Wreath.” Next is “Blossom.” The last one is “Scattered Flowers.” They are each a quick knit.

But why do I knit such things? I have no idea. They are not exactly mindless. They are not exactly useful. They are not exactly useless. They are just kind of pretty.

3 thoughts on “Knitted Washcloths

  1. I’ve never seen this done before. I’ve done crochet doilies. They’re sorta fun – once I made a gigantic one. I’m not sure why I did it. But these are really kinda pretty. And I’d think you’d learn a lot from doing them. Or I would. Because I look at them and have no idea how you did it.

  2. @K…I know what you mean about wondering how they are done. Not immediately apparent. The general design is that you cast on a set number of stitches (here it was 24, I think). You knit it flat, using the slip stitches and “fancy” stitches at one end to increase at that end, and then you knit back on that row, stopping one stitch sooner each time (short rows) which creates the wedge. Then every set # of rows you cast off 5 stitches (which is what creates the lacy tips). You just keep knitting these wedges until you complete the circle, then join the cast on to the cast off. And there you have it. A circle.

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