Long Lake Slug


Just in case you thought I was going all sweetness and light, gushing in the last post about the beauty of the local sunflowers, whataya think of this beastie?  Hideous, isn’t she?  We weren’t trying to bribe her to find another patio stone to slime, we  just wanted to show how fat and long Ms. Sluggo was.  With all the rain the Hillman area had this summer, it’s been a great growing season for creatures of the slug variety.  Nice set of horns, don’t you think?  Complete with cute little do-dads on the ends.

Wikipedia recommends against eating a land slug.  They are poisonous.  If you do find yourself tempted anyway, be ready to follow the tasty treat with  mass quantities of “neutral matter” like “grass,” “leaves” or “a lot of milk” to  combat the poison.  Wiki says alcohol stimulates the mucus membrane of the slug and will enhance the effect of the poison.  It is very important to vomit immediately if you eat a slug.  I think I could manage that.  No problem.

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