Magical Silk Reticule


It’s quite rare that I knit something in exactly the yarn the pattern suggests. But I knitted this, about 16 years ago actually, in the Halcyon Gemstone silk that designer Liza Prior Lucy suggested. A reticule is a woman’s drawstring bag, used as a carryall–that’s what my dictionary says.  This one can’t carry much. It measures about six inches long and four inches wide.  I followed Lucy’s  pattern exactly, in colors amber, deep amethyst, garnet and jacinth. I made two.  One for my mom, who taught me to knit when I was in 3rd grade.  Another for me.  I never found a use for mine, but my son did.  He played “Magic”–the card game–at the time. There were a few pieces to the game, dice I think, and my son kept them in one of these bags.  The bag does look quite magical, I think.   The design was published in Piecework Magazine, March/April 1993.  I believe my son still has his stashed away with his Magic cards.   This one came full circle.  My mom died last year and I found this in her closet, carefully laying flat in a fancy padded stationary box covered in roses.  I know she liked it.  I think I know she figured I’d get it back some day.  I’m still keeping it in the fancy box.

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