Mary Maxim’s Christmas stockings

You should have been there in about 1982. Port Huron, Michigan. An all-day excursion to Mary Maxim‘s. Home (then) of just about nothing but 100% acrylic yarns and intarsia kits of all sort. Zippered jacketed sweaters with deer heads knitted on the back. Actually, all kinds of heads (and bodies) knitted into sweaters: elk, duck, fish, bear, all breeds of dogs and cats. Those patterns were Mary Maxim’s bread and butter. You would buy the sweaters patterns all kitted up with yarn. I made one. A deer sweater. And I do not know what happened to it.

I could knit classier Christmas stockings now. I am a better knitter. But these are ensconced as traditions. My son’s is the snowman. His dad’s and mine are a puppy and a kitten (not shown here).

Intarsia is not a technique I ever warmed up to. But for cutesy inserts, it’s the technique of choice. I guess. Anyway, every year “the stockings are hung by the chimney with care, in hopes that St. Nicholas soon will be there.”

Edit: 11/14/12: Mary Maxim has re-released some of these patterns.  Check it out!


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  1. Love them! My husband’s grandma gave me a personalized one (the snowman) the year we got married, as part of their family tradition. Do you happen to remember who made the pattern for this? Bernat? Bucilla?

    Grandma is now 93, her arthritis is getting the better of her and she is having a hard time making them now. I am not a great knitter by any means (mostly scarves!), but I would love to keep the tradition going in our family for future generations. The other designs I’ve seen among my husband’s relatives are Santa, Mrs. Claus, Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy. Any leads on tracking down patterns would be appreciated (Grandma does them all by memory!)

  2. @Iris…Thanks so much! These do evoke many memories. These patterns are all from Mary Maxim. They are still a going concern, with a major website. They have less “vintage” looking patterns now, but you may be able to find the originals on EBay.

  3. I would love any help in tracking down the snowman head pattern as well as the puppy, I think I have all the others, and of course my friend wants the snowman….
    any help is appreciated

  4. I made years ago a “flat” Christmas stocking for my husband (sewed up the back). Would like to make one for a new Grandson due this year but NOT having to use double pointed needles or knitting in the round. Do you still have such a pattern? Thanks in advance.

  5. I would like to purchase the sock pattern that is green & has a puppy on it, a neighbor knit this for my grandson who is a father now & would like one for his son

  6. I think I heard that Mary Maxim released some of these old patterns, from about 35 years ago, in a book form. I don’t know if the puppy is part of it, though. How sweet that the father would like to have this for his son!

  7. Do you have the Mary Maxim Christmas stocking pattern of the Christmas tree from around 1970

  8. @Charlotte…I do not sell anything through my site. I suggest contacting Mary Maxim’s directly.

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