Musher hats


Hat, scarf, and mitten combos are clearly the headgear of choice for spectators at M.U.S.H. dogsled events. They were out in force back in 2012 when this feature last appeared on my blog. And I’ve never seen these except at a dogsled event. This trio favored the more natural fur look. But the obviously synthetic one are totally cute and warm as well.


Here’s another with a nice sense of humor. Maybe an imitation skunk?


The ears seem to be an essential part of the “look” of the headgear even though they perform no particular function.


But it’s not like all the special dogsled event headgear followed this trend. There was also a good deal of natural fur in attendance, including little Daniel Boone (or is it Davy Crockett) and his dad. When the little one flicked his head around, his hat’s tail flipped dramatically.

twohats_lowresAnd this has got to be a vintage Red Wing cap, don’t you think?


The mushers are also mostly mittened and this fellow wore what looked to be a great Nordic-style pattern. Here it is in close-up and, surprise, I think I see a Red Wing insignia at the wrist:


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  1. @Jessica…will do! Steve Thorpe is a professional photographer and he told me to tell you that you are welcome to use the photos anyway you like, including on your blog, but he asks that you note that they are copyrighted to Steve Thorpe. I will send them to your gmail address.

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