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This is my face to the Ravelry world. She is my Ravatar. Whenever I post on Rav, this is who other knitters see. Some knitters show their arm tattooed with a wound ball of yarn. Some show a beautiful piece of lace work. A plate of cookies. Themselves astride their Harley. Or a cat. Some show their real faces. But this is me. A doll I knitted many years ago, complete with knitted hearts on her underwear, a knitted wig done up with a bun in the back and a dress of my own design. The original pattern was a severe looking doll knitted in dark colors.  It was a Fall, 1980 Better Homes and Gardens Magazine pattern called Grand-Mere Knitted Doll. The first time I knitted her I followed the pattern and she turned out very somber.   Next time I knitted this version of her, for me.

Some Ravelers change their Ravatars on a regular basis. Not me. Who you’ll see today is who you’ll see tomorrow.

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  1. @Susan and Vivianne…thanks so much. The old Better Homes and Garden magazine pattern had very “good bones” to build on. I’d LOVE to find out who designed her! In those days, talented knitting designers were still often working without getting attribution for their work.

  2. I LOVE your Grandmere doll. I have the pattern and want to make her some day. I love how you took a wonderful idea and made it even better!

  3. Hi there

    I hope you don’t mind me contacting you but I have been trying to get hold of a copy of the Grand-Mere Doll knitting pattern for ages.

    I have tried Amazon and, although the pattern is on sale, it is in the USA (I live in England, UK).

    Do you know where I could buy a copy in the UK at all please?



  4. @Anne-Marie___I’m so sorry, I’ve had a few inquiries in the past on this. I don’t know where the pattern may still be available.

  5. Any luck in finding the Grandmere doll I also have been looking for ages I made on back in 1981 she was beautiful!!

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