Noro Two Colorway Scarf

Bazillions of knitters have learned that Noro yarns, with their long sections of colors, have some surprises other than the knots that are frequently encountered. Two different Noro colorways, in alternating sets of rows, interact with each other to produce cool striping. This is Noro Kureyon. Noro Silk Garden likely has a nicer drape and will be less scratchy. Any yarn with fairly long swaths of color will work similarly. The word is that almost any two Noro colorways will look just fine together. Part of my scarf turned out to be a rather bright blue with a major pink that I find quite unpleasant. But that section didn’t last long enough to ruin the look.

This particular version is Jared Flood’s way of doing it. Knit one purl one rib that almost comes out looking like stockinette. Skip the blocking. No need. The knitting is mindless and would be quite boring except that seeing how the next set of colors and the next and the next works out keeps a knitter moving forward with interest.

My plans are to make a few more. Including another one rather soon. Steve’s new winter coat has no hood and the walk in to work from Lot 20 is cold cold cold.

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