Origami a/k/a ribbing Purgatory

I have been working on my Origami Pullover, designed by Linda A. Daniels, for a little over four months. It requires knitting one large rectangle and one humongously large rectangle all in knit one, purl one ribbing. I’m not kidding when I say large. 150 stitches to a row and knit for 68 inches. It’s shown here in a wonderful yarn, Frog Tree‘s sport melange alpaca. Scrumptious. But yipes, this is the most boring thing I’ve ever knit.

I knit very few sweaters for myself. Let’s just leave it at being way overweight seriously challenges this knitter. But I tried a shop sample of this on and it fit and, at the time, I thought I looked OK in it. I didn’t expect to look like the glamorous model in the pattern photo, but I also didn’t expect to look and feel so, well, so bat-like. The odd angles and, what not, don’t flatter.

But still. It is warm and cozy. I expect to get a lot of wear out of it, especially at the lake house. It should be just the thing to wear as the house is warming up after we arrive on a cold wintry evening.




4 thoughts on “Origami a/k/a ribbing Purgatory

  1. @hakucho…thanks so much. It is way comfy, extremely warm…I just have to avoid mirrors when I have it on!

  2. I am so glad to find your photos. I too am weight challenged and so was hesitant, but also tried it on on the shop and liked the feel. I started it and my sides weren’t even ai I ripped it out. I am starting again after a two or three year break. Any suggestions for making the sides even? I have thought of slipping the first stitch, think that would work?

  3. @Sara Miller…you know, I just knitted the ribbing without any particular attention to a selvage. I think the ribbing is so strongly vertical, that it does the trick in terms of lining up the sides. I wear mine quite a bit in cool weather. Very cozy.

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