Peerie Flooers Heid

What to call this, without being a total toot-your-own-horn. The bees’ knees. The cat’s meow. The greatest thing since sliced bread. All toot-your-own-horns so I’ll just call it what it is: Kate Davies Peerie Flooers hat pattern from her book Millarrochy Heids. I didn’t buy the entire book. The patterns are individually downloadable on Ravelry and I purchased only Peerie Flooers.  I’d bought a Blackberry Ridge fingering weight yarn pack kitted for Peerie Flooers at the Minnesota Knitters Guild 2019 Yarn Over event. I was game to try it but I wasn’t sure I’d be likely to knit more of the 15 fingering weight fair isle hats included in Davies’s book.

The yarn. The colors. The pattern. It all came together and I ended up with this.

“Heid” is Scots for hats. And I’ve assumed that peerie flooers means small flowers because it sounds like that’s what it would be and it felt like I was knitting little flowers.

I’m a sucker for a great crown decrease section. This one may be among the best I’ve been able to pull off.  Usually when I post about knitting hats I include a whole selection of them. That’s because I knit a lot of hats. But I decided this heid needed a post all its own.

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