Poor Donald Jr.

Poor-donaldThis, from another  1917 knitting booklet.  The leggings  look like bandages.  The shoes seem to be dress shoes, not fit for play. Same for the shorts.  His sweater is the  only comfortable piece of clothing poor Donald Jr. was allowed to wear that day.  And what of the expression on his face?   Bored?  When the photo shoot was over did he rip that sweater off and head on to a life of privilege.  Or something else?

How about this Cover girl?


She looks more pleased with her outfit than young Donald.  Both sweaters make ample use of the mainstay of knitting–garter stitch.  Plain old knitting.  The first stitch every knitter learns, maybe with a rhyme like this one to help her remember how to do it: “In through the front door, around the the back, open the window, and off jumps Jack.”

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