Raw Honey


This is Raw Honey, a fingerless mitt design by Alicia Plummer of Two Little Plums. Plummer writes on her website that she designs because “she wears her heart on her sleeve” and “designing is a perfect outlet for self-expression.” Wearing your heart on your hands works too. This is a nifty fingerless mitt design for worsted weight. Very cozy.

I knit a size medium in Harrisville Design’s WATERshed, a 10-ply worsted. The pair needed 74 grams.The Barn Door reddish-brown colorway and this rustic yarn seemed perfect for the design.The pattern was error-free and easily understood. A great quick knit.

I’m not sure where the “raw honey” fits in, but inspired by the title, I gifted this pair to my local beekeeper.

2 thoughts on “Raw Honey

  1. @Harriet…Thanks! Yes, my next door neighbor has two stacks of hives in his backyard and puts out several more at his dad’s place about an hour from here. Quite yummy. This year, some of his bees must have gotten into the mint. He even has natural mint honey–not the kind that some beekeepers “make” by adding flavoring.

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