Slug fest

Just a quickee post today. Aren’t these guys a hoot?

Slugs, knit in oddments of Noro Silk Garden, with Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride lips and eyeballs.

A great little pattern: Garden Slug by Ravelry’s Cheezombie. Her Etsy shop says she specializes in knit and crochet patterns “of the silly kind.”

This is a ridiculously quick knit. The only bit of a pain is that you need to weight the slug’s nether parts otherwise he falls forward on his eyeballs. I didn’t have any poly-beads available so I used some extra metal pieces left from an IKEA build. The metal bits make these not fit for small humans. But that’s not all that bad.

The slugs are a perfect gift for a gardener.

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  1. @Marty…thanks! I highly recommend this pattern. Easy, cute, and a dainty yarn-eater.

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