Scotland’s Anne-Marie Dunbar generously posted this pattern on her blog.  Twenty-two Ravelers (including me) have knitted it.    It’s Bok, of Dr. Who fame.  Bok was a stone gargoyle brought to life by Azal’s power.  Bok was short, powerful, with glowing red eyes.  This time, it would have  been perfect if my camera didn’t have the anti-red eye feature.  Bok could vaporize objects and people.  He was afraid of iron.  I have no idea why.  I’m not a Dr. Who fan.  I just thought Bok could be an interesting knit.  I am going to wear my Bokaclava passing out treats to the neighborhood children.  My other possible costume choice is a clown nose.  This is better.  It can be an odd endeavor, this knitting.