Long Lake Blob ‘o Toad

mrtoad_lowresThis is the biggest toad I’ve ever seen in Michigan.  He was about 4 inches long and 3 inches wide. He was sitting on a patio stone by the side door of  the cottage.  I didn’t  know what variety of toad he was.  I imagined he was maybe the my-head-is-so-big-I-can’t-lift-it-off-my-fingers toad.  Or the inward-facing-three-toed toad.  Maybe the Princess-I-dare-you-to-kiss-me toad.  Then I did a bit of research.  I think he is Bufo Americanus, the Eastern American Toad. He eats 3200 insects in a season.  I imagine that can blob up a toad pretty fast.  And he “will frequent night lights.”  Really?  Night lights?  He “frequents” night lights?  I have a night light in my bathroom .  And one in my kitchen.  If he starts “frequenting” those he and I are going to  have a serious chat.  Speaking of which, when Bufo chats, he  sounds like a squeaky cupboard door.