Bayfront Cap

Initially, Melinda Vermeer’s Bayfront Cap looks to be just one more take on the familiar watch cap. Interesting in that it’s knitted in fingering weight yarn, and more interesting yet because after an initial dose of 3-3 ribbing, the body of the cap is knit in knit 9, purl 3. That alone would have been enough to catch my attention.

But Melinda’s (gldelx’s–with the apostrophe on Ravelry) most inspired touch in this cap is the crown. Part flower, sort of. Part star, sort of. The pattern is available on Rav–one of the “best buys” at $1.99.  You can also check it out on Melinda’s pattern list on her own website, where a purchase will take you to Rav’s store.

My first Bayfront is knit in a lightweight washable wool: Fortissima Colori Socka Color by Schoeller+Stahl. It used up about 210 yards. I knitted the initial ribbing on size one needles and the rest on size 2. On the needles, it looks small. But the fabric has a lot of stretch in it and will be wearable for teen and adult heads of all sizes. Next time I knit this I think I will use a solid color. That will show off the crown a bit more.