Baby boots

I_bootiesI have it on very good authority that Frankie Brown’s Baby Boots stay on Isaac’s feet. Brown makes the pattern available free on Ravelry and I’ve taken to calling them iBoots.

Isaac’s first pair has been a big hit and so I made two more pair. These four boots are definitely part of the defense-against-the-cold-feet team, though they don’t exactly fall into pairs. Here’s a few other views:


Ibooties2All Brown asks is that we consider donating to the UK non-profit “Children’s Liver Disease Foundation.” You can follow her fundraising effort here. More than 7000 pounds and still counting.

These four boots took 43 grams of Schoeller+Stahl Fortissima Colori Socka Color. Here’s the Yarndex entry for it. Great yarn, in an easy care 75% wool/25% acrylic mix.

While I was thinking cold feet, I decided to knit the cuffs for a quick “cheater’s” infant boot. I used Boye Starting Points boots, which I purchased many years ago and located during my holiday yarn-stash reorganizing. The boot has a tape sewn into the inner part of the fabric cuff so all you have to do is knit the sock-top and sew it to the tape. Couldn’t be easier and quite a nice effect.


Baby Boots


These are Frankie Brown’s “Baby Boots.”  Actually, these are Isaac’s baby boots, but Frankie Brown designed them. Brown is an amazingly prolific, creative and generous knitwear designer. She has 212 patterns currently posted on Ravelry and I’ve not yet encountered one that isn’t a freebie. All she asks, in exchange for knitting her patterns, is that we consider donating to the UK charity “Children’s Liver Disease Foundation.” The Foundation “takes action against the effects of childhood liver disease, providing information, emotional support, research funds and a voice for all affected.” You can follow Brown’s fundraising here, at

These baby boots are knit in 100% superwash wool, Wollmeise “Pure,” a 4-ply fingering weight. They are the cat’s meow if I do say so myself. They fit an 8-pound newborn, with a little room for growing.

Isaac’s grandmother even has a Color Affection Shawl that matches her first grandchild’s boots:


And, just to let Isaac’s inner hippie shine a bit, one of his boots–just one–has a hidden stripe: