Hoodie #92120

Congratulations to Susan Mills on this sweet but somewhat obscure design. I am the only one who has posted it to Ravelry. This is Hoodie #92120. No goofy-named hoodie. Just hoodie with a pattern booklet number. It’s an Artful Yarns pattern that is meant to be knitted in their now-discontinued “Virtue.” Virtue was a 100% cashmere yarn. Not your typical baby yarn.

My Hoodie #92120 is knitted in a very sensible Cascade 220 superwash. No need to baby this. I am fond of knitting little girl stuff in colors that are not pink or purple. Hunter green definitely qualifies as not pink or purple.

This is a 12 month size, but it knitted up very roomy. My very slightly built 4 year old neighbor tried it on and it fit just fine. She liked it. But I think she found the color, well, disappointing. I told her I was thinking of knitting a brightly colored flower to add to the sweater. She thought that would be a good addition. I was visiting Cynthia’s Too, a great shop in Petoskey, and spotted some sweet crocheted flower pins. I could not resist. My little neighbor will approve.