Fishing lures…frozen lake

My brother Norb is an avid fisherman and a wonderful woodworker. A few weeks ago I received a surprise package from him: this set of hand-painted fishing lures. He salvages hooks and parts from old lures and carves and paints new bodies. Of course, they are way too cool to load up with nightcrawlers and dangle on the end of a fishing line. We have them displayed at the lake house. In case you plan on riding in the snow there are some great scratchers for a snow mobile here.

It’s been a warm winter so far. Not much snow. The ice is thick enough to walk on. But we are still not feeling comfortable hauling out the ice shanty. That hasn’t stopped a few of the foolhardies from racing around in their snowmobiles, though. So far, fortunately none have fallen through the ice. Falling through the ice on a snowmobile–I don’t think there’s much chance of a happy ending to that one.  Take time to watch this video, featuring a top Canadian thermal physiologist (Gordon Giesbrecht), to learn how to possibly survive a fall through the ice, as well as the proper way to perform an ice rescue.

To end this on a more peaceful note.  Here’s our frozen lake.  Long Lake, Hillman Michigan.