Puppet Time


Here’s the whole gang. With the notable exception of that character in the center angling for your attention, these kid-sized puppets are “Critter Mitts” by Kerin Dimeler-Laurence. They are part of Toy Box, an ebook available on Knit Picks.

Now for some “up close and personals.” This first guy is Sea Monster.


Sea Monster is trying to show off his extra set of eyeballs in this next pic. I added those to the pattern. He just seemed to be a four-eyes sort. Love those frilly gills.


Here’s the King of the Jungle.


T-Rex is next, He wants to out-roar the King of the Jungle.


I love those silly puny front legs. Actually, this shot makes him look like he’s yawning. So here’s a view that makes him look a bit more ferocious. Great set of teeth!


Next is Triceratops. Check out the 3 horns. And don’t be distracted that his crest looks a bit like a piece of toast dripping with mint jam. Some fairly recent research suggests dinosaurs were likely quite colorful creatures. OK. Probably not this colorful.


Here’s T-Rex is in his twist and shout pose.


Now, here’s my add-on to the gang. These puppets are just a smallish mitten, with basically a somewhat wide and centrally placed thumb. Once you’ve made a few, it’s easy to dream up ways to personalize the set with some specialty characters. Obviously, this guy’s an anglerfish.


Don’t swim to close to that lure, now.


With some help from the hands of my young neighbors, here’s a few outdoor action shots.

Sea monster gets ready for a dive into ‘ye old swimming…bucket.


Lion is going to loll about in the grass.


T-Rex and Triceratops have decided they are vegetarians and both want to munch that tasty bush.



And the Anglerfish wants to get into the swim too.


Finally, another group shot. The gang gets along pretty well. Some of them sleep together in Isaac’s bed and so far there hasn’t been any rumble in the jumble.


Just think, they all started out like this.


This yarn is an old favorite of mine. It’s the long ago discontinued Classic Elite Tapestry. Great yarn. 75% wool, 25% mohair. Don’t think you’ll find any though.