Red Hats


No, not red for heart health and the “go red for women” campaign currently plastering big red sexy dress decals on the entrance doors to my workplace saying something about women being strong and knowing how to get things done. And not red hats as in the organization of women who call themselves the Red Hat Society and do good deeds. All worthy outfits. I just mean I like to knit hats and lately a lot of them have been red.

This is Etta, by Kim Whelan, a Black Sheep Knitters Guild mate of mine. Her pattern is free on Ravelry. I knit mine in Stonehege Fiber Shepard’s Wool worsted in the garnet colorway. Great pattern. 1156 projects currently posted on Ravelry wouldn’t fib about that. Great yarn. And, a really great pinwheel crown decrease.


This next one is a newish pattern by Susan Villas Lewis called Chicken Wire. Mine is knit in Berroco Ultra Alpaca, a worsted weight. Here’s a closer look at the chicken-wire fence material patterning.


Great detail. The tiny cabling in the ribbing is a nice touch. Good slouch. And the crown decreases also make the grade.


One nice, blunt-tipped top, with no pointiness.

And to complete the red hat trio, here’s an excellent free pattern on Ravelry: Circuitry, by Agata Smektala. I knit mine in a discontinued older-than-the-hills skein of Anny Blatt Mini-Sport, which (paradoxically) is a worsted weight not a sport weight. The only place you should look for this yarn is in my stash and the yarn bequest an elderly knitting relative left you.

Let’s start with the spectacular crown decrease and work our way down from there.


As I saw this developing, my knitter’s eyeballs popped. If someone is going to take this much care with the part of a garment that most people don’t even look at, I’m definitely going to knit it multiple times.

Here’s a more normal view of Circuitry.


Circuitry makes for an interesting knit. It hugs the head nicely. It keeps the ears toasty warm. Agata has a winner here!

Electric Etta

Etta_blockedThis is Etta, a great free hat pattern by Black Sheep Knitting Guild‘s own Kim Whelan. Kim has generously made her hat pattern available on Ravelry and nearly 900 Ravelers have knit it and posted photos of their creations. That must mean that Kim’s Etta is warming heads all over the world.

This hat is so popular that 4664 Ravelers have favorited it. And, even more exciting, it’s one of the featured designs in the new collection by Judith Durant “Lace One-Skein Wonders, 101 Projects Celebrating the Possibilities of Lace.”

My Etta is knit in Paton’s Classic Wool Worsted, a workhorse wool that I knit with often. I see it as a somewhat less rustic Cascade 220 competitor. And, unlike Cascade 220, it’s easier to find sale bin orphan skeins of Paton’s Classic Wool. This colorway, Lemongrass, was at the bottom of a Mary Maxim bin marked $2.99. For 210 yards, quite the deal!

I blocked my Etta, but it also looks great unblocked as a slouchy beanie.