Noro Transitions Scarves

img_2941_lowresThis yarn is so, so, yummy.  A mix of wool, silk and even angora blended in the typical Noro way, as far as color goes. And at least in these two skeins, no nasty knots where the color scheme is broken up (that other “typical” Noro way–at least in my experience especially with Kureyon). Transitions transitions in more than just color.  The yarn cycles through totally different yarns, with wool being the most prominent.  So one section will be pure wool, and somewhat nubby.  The next section may be a wool silk mix.  The next is a wool angora mix.  Most unusual.  What a pleasure for us texture lovers.  I used one skein per one scarf and a simple knit one purl one rib.  These two are two different colorways.   Since you almost have to take out a mortgage to buy a skein (at something like $27 at my local shop) not going for extravagant length seemed to make sense.  It really is beautiful yarn, if you can design a small one skein project for it.