Knitting Elephants


This is Lorraine Pistorio’s Baby Elephant. No, wait, this is actually Baby Evelyn’s Baby Elephant. Evelyn turned 1 this summer. And she started walking. So, I suppose this is really Toddler Evelyn’s Baby Elephant.

It’s funny how you can take a zillion of your hours to knit something and people will mostly mention something like, “Wow those are really beautiful buttons.” With this elephant, almost everyone (except Evelyn) looks at this elephant and say “I love the toes.” Actually, I like the toes too. That’s mostly because I am a very poor embroiderer and these toes came out quite the way I intended.

Here’s another view.


A little slouchy. Better to cuddle with. In all my years of knitting toys, this is the first time I used safety eyes. They are very solidly in place and I feel comfortable giving this to a young one.

Speaking of elephants.


Yep, an elephant purse, with the second set of safety eyes I’ve used. This is a Morehouse Farms Kit. It was a hoot to make. What do people who see it say first? “I really love the tusks.” Sometimes, apparently, it’s the little touches.


The purse is very lightly felted, which stiffens it a bit. Knit on!