Knitting with llama

Except for their rather unpleasant habit of spitting, llamas are friendly, pleasant, rather regal looking critters. “When correctly reared” they will rarely spit at humans. So says Wikipedia. The spitting is kind of cool, really. You can tell how mad a llama is by the content of their spit. As they get more irritated, they pull their spit from deeper and deeper within their stomach. Since they have three stomachs, you really don’t want to irritate a llama.

Fairly recently, I knit for the first time with llama.  I used Mirasol Miski.  It’s 100% baby llama, known as cria. Miski is a wonderful knitting experience. Very soft, a bit like the softest alpaca. The Mirasol Project is named after a child, Mirasol, who helped tend a herd of 3000 alpaca on a ranch high in the Peruvian Andes. Proceeds from yarn sales help support a school and health center for the herders’ children.

So, this is Miski, wonderful yarn, from the Andes: