pembrokeThis is Pembroke, a free pattern by Kirsten Kapur of Petite Purls. It is my new very cool, very long hat, with great cables even in the crown section and I’m not going to obsess about that unfortunate little pointy top. Everyone’s Pembroke has that little pointy top.


On a real head (with hair) instead of my glass head, the point is tamed quite a bit. This is MadTosh DK, in the Candlewick colorway. Pembroke was a really fun knit, with cables intelligently organized and accurately charted. That kind of precision and design-sense means a lot.

pembroke4Pembroke is designed for a worsted weight yarn, with 26 stitches and 34 rows over 4 inches, on a suggested size 6 US needle, measured over the cable pattern. Measured over this cable pattern is tough to figure, but my row gauge was accurate and the stitch gauge seemed (basically) on target using a DK weight yarn and size 6 needles.  Your mileage may vary, obviously.

With an added pattern repeat (or a few added repeats) wouldn’t this make a great cowl?