Weather…or Knot


This is Weather…or Knot, a free pattern by Mindy Ross available on Ravelry. I knit mine in Plymouth Yarn’s Worsted Merino Superwash Solid. This is the dark gray colorway. I know, you’re getting sick of reading about how much I like this yarn. Weather…or Knot shows off one of its best features: excellent stitch definition.

A grown-up knitter with more than 5 decades of experience shouldn’t be afraid of trying something new. Right? Well, right for reversible cables. (Don’t blame me for being afraid of beadwork and laceweight yarn and brioche, please.) I thought it must be difficult to do reversible cables. Not these. These are super easy. In fact, this turned out to be easier than one-sided cable work because the cable needle’s positioning is always the same.

I enjoyed the cable part, a lot. I liked the rhythm of the long stretches of ribbing. The I-cord ends? Not so much. But it was very interesting to see how it all came together. You start out knitting the individual I-cords and keep each on a stitch holder until you can knit across them all. And the ending I-cords are done one by one, while you hold the live stitches in reserve. Very clever. Tedious, but not difficult.

Long Lake is bracing for more snow. It’s been a light snow winter, overall. But we’ve already had two major snowstorms since spring arrived. And tomorrow the predictions are for 8-11 inches more. So, scarves are garments of choice for a few more days.

Ice-out can’t be far off though. There’s clear water on Long Lake already. But, for now, more snow.