How I spent my winter vacation



This so satisfies my inner OCD voice. I’ve always kept my “singles” knitting patterns somewhat organized, but they’ve been stashed away in drab black 3-ring binders. Now they are wearing sturdy, colorful, eco-friendly binders from Naked Binder. In the past, my patterns tended to double up in vinyl sleeves, to save space. Now every pattern has its own sleeve. And basically every body part or category of pattern has its separate binder. Hands, necks, shoulders, feet, girl heads, other heads, kid bods and big bods. Well–you can read for yourself. I am very pleased with how I spent my holiday vacation days.

I pored over old patterns that I’d forgotten I had. When I found duplicates (how did that happen), I found a new home for one. When I found a pattern I’d made already, especially if it was during a period in my life when I had more knitting brain cells (or better eyesight), I thought about whether I might knit it again. Mostly, the answer was “yes” because many of these patterns are old friends. But if I knew I wouldn’t be knitting it again, I gave my patterns to others who might use them.

I’ve been looking for ways to integrate my pattern stash into my new basement work area.┬áThis is way cool!