Sediment Collar


This little dickens was darn hard to photograph. It is Laura Bellows a/k/a Jul Designs “Sediment Collar.” The very deep purple color of this Berroco Ultra Alpaca is really quite wonderful, though you wouldn’t know it from my photo. In my opinion, the same cannot be said of the collar.

First, for the good news. Knitting the welts is a hoot. I’ve always liked to knit welts, which some call “tucks.” And the recommended technique of threading waste yarn through the row of stitches that will be knit together with the stitches on your working needle is not something I’ve done before. It worked quite nicely in terms of marking the row so that the welt came out straight.

I’d purchased the recommended Jul snap clasp for this collar. You screw in the three screws on each side and then snap in the middle. Easy peasy. I was incentivized because I found the pricy leather and stainless steel clasp half off at a shop closing sale.


I figured some of the younger female members of my clan might enjoy a sort of steampunky cowl. (Actually, they still might). But the weight of this clasp was just too much for the cowl. Granted, the Ultra Alpaca was not the recommended yarn. And though it actually knit up quite firmly, given the welts, it just drooped under the weight of that heavy clasp. Then there’s that little problem of a bulky, uncomfortable thing poking into you. I placed it in various places and just couldn’t make it feel (or look) right.

So back to the drawing board. I took out a mortgage and bought two Jul “buttons.” No half price this time. I think my Sediment ends up with a kinder, gentler look. It’s more comfortable too.

Sediment_newbuttonsThere’s just one problem. That lovely stainless steel center on the button is actually a screw. And the fabric has basically zero give, so you can’t just slip the cowl over your head. “Yes, Virginia…” you really do have to screw yourself into this cowl. Two screws, Sigh.

If you have any suggestions for a “save,” please leave your comments. And if any members of my clan are reading this and like it, do let me know!