Warm wurm

This is Katharina Nopp’s hugely popular slouch hat: Wurm. It’s a free pattern on Ravelry, available in German, Finnish, French, Italian and English. I chose English.

I know this stitch as a variant of “Quaker Rib.” It’s a wonderfully rhythmic knit. Once you make a quick review of the pattern, you won’t be needing to consult it again until the crown decreases. The band uses an easy “tuck” stitch that results in a warm, firm fabric.

Wurm is knitted here in Stonehedge Fiber Mill‘s  “Crazy Mill Ends.” It’s basically a DK weight, with surprises of color and even fiber. The pattern is a real yarn-eater. Mine took about 315 yards.

4 thoughts on “Warm wurm

  1. I’ve admired that design for quite some time and it’s nice to see it knit up in that fabulous yarn. And just so you know, you inspired me to order some mink yarn and I hear it’s already being shipped to me today!!

  2. @Evelyn…Thanks much for your comment. As for the mink yarn, Craig’s service is amazingly fast–everyone comments on it. Remember, at first it doesn’t seem all that special when you touch it in the skein. But wait until you start knitting it!

  3. Did you change the stitch and row numbers from the original ravelry pattern? I am just starting to look at it and pick yarns. Thanks!

  4. @Ann…My only modifications: I used just one size smaller needle (instead of two sizes smaller) for the band. I added in an extra decrease round of knit 2 together, knit one. And after the knit 2 together round, I added a knit round and another round of knit 2 together. That made fewer stitches to draw together at the end, which is what I prefer.

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