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Cottage Creations’ “Wonderful Wallaby” was described as an “adventure in seamless knitting” when seamless knitting really was a bit of an “adventure.” Most sweaters were still being knit in separate sections and then seamed together. For sure there were others doing seamless knitting, but Carol A. Anderson’s Wallaby was a milestone.

The booklet is chatty, pure Anderson, with sweet illustrations throughout. But the directions are totally clear and totally correct. The booklet includes directions for sizes 2 toddler to adult super-sized. It’s available in many local yarn shops, on-line, and direct (but not downloadable) from Cottage Creations.

Wonderfull Wallaby was copyrighted in 1984 and the booklet has been reprinted 23 times. It’s Anderson’s most popular pattern.

My Wallaby is knit in Plymouth Encore. Just over two skeins, 410 yards, was enough to knit a size two, complete with the garter stitch version of the hood and a full pouch.

And what’s most important? It’s very comfy and my grandson likes to wear it.


6 thoughts on “Wonderful Wallaby

  1. I love these sweaters. I knit one for each of my four grandchildren last year. Now I’m working on one for my daughter.

    I really like the your color choice. I also like the look of the garter stitch hood. I haven’t done that yet so maybe on this one.

  2. @Donna O…thanks for visiting my blog. I also love the Wallabys. I even made one for myself. And the garter stitch hood is well thought out. It uses a lot of yarn, but I think it’s worth it because it’s so comfy.

  3. I too love this pattern! I knit 6 sweaters for my grandchildren years ago! Im wanting to make a few more but cant find my pattern booklet?. Is there any chance you have an extra one I could buy? Or borrow. Cottage creations is out of print?
    Thanks in advance

  4. @ Donna…Carol Anderson and Cottage Creations are both doing well. Check out cottagecreationspatterns.com. You can order a copy of Wonderful Wallaby there, under the sweaters category. R38 is the one for kids.

  5. I bought the wallaby at Nancy’s knits in riverside, now there closed how do I get another pattern?
    I really don’t want to pay another $25.00, it must be in my storage as I’ve moved after my husband passed.
    Please let me know what to do. They had printed them up I didn’t get it off of Ravelry wish I had.
    My email for Ravelry is kmbylund@yahoo.com

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