Yep, more toys

It’s June but the toy production here is more like Santa’s workshop in the final push before Christmas. This sweetie is another Annita Wilschut pattern, Frog Kikker. That pattern name is a total lingual stutter because Kikker is “frog” in Dutch. I’ve taken to calling him Froggie Frog.

I knit Froggie Frog in Merino Extrafine 120 by Schachenmayr, a DK weight. You have to keep your knit wits about you to get those joints turning correctly. But the directions are spot on correct. Watch especially for directions that tell a knitter to knit a certain number of stitches beyond the end of a round marker.

Especially since Jutta posed nude in my last post, I decided Froggie Frog should take his swim trunks off. He was unphased by the request and doesn’t understand one bit why Jutta objected.

Totally cute critter.

Next up is Wilschut’s Piglet Knor. Google translates “knor” as “oink.” Sounds right to me. Some knit this oinker in a different colorway for different sections. That was loads of fun in Olivier. But this time I decided to go for a bit less color.

Hard to accept that shocking pink as a bit less color, though. The upturned snout gives Oink a bit of an attitude.

And the curly tail. Well, every oinker needs a curly tail.

Next? The best monkey on Ravelry: Jacobus. I’ve knit Jacobus (and Saar) before and dressed them in Wilschut’s patterns. This time I decided to let the yarn dress Jacobus. Adriafil KnitCol (DK) did quite a nice job of it.

The yarn’s self-patterning features make it look like Jake’s wearing a jumpsuit.

And now, in profile.

Such a nicely shaped jaw line. Oh. Muzzle. I guess that would be a monkey’s muzzle.

All great patterns. And wonderfully fun to knit. I know. Do you think I’m a bit of a Wilschut fangirl?

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