Dinner in the Long Lake nursery


“Ahhh, mom. Not dragonflies¬†again!”


“No complaints. They’re nutritious and it’s all your dad and I can find tonight.”

The Eastern Kingbird nesting in our dock-bench cupholder seems to have three (or possibly four) hungry mouths to feed. Both parents are foraging and both bring food to the cupholder gang.


In fact, the adults are now taking their parental roles a¬†bit too seriously. They’ve decided we’re a threat as we walk to our pontoon boat, which is tethered to the dock. They’ve been dive-bombing us when we enter or exit the boat. Fortunately, no collisions (yet).

Quite the mess ‘o birdies!


Those little tuffs of baby bird are just the best.

Meanwhile, the Eastern Phoebe nest is…well…


…getting a tad crowded. I’m thinking a fledge or two pretty soon would be a good idea.

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