Hippity hop hop


All together, now. “Awwhhhh.” This is “Colleen’s Rabbits,” well one of them, from Patricia Ann Ford’s pattern booklet, copyright 1994. I knit bunny around 1995 or thereabouts.

Nieces! Nieces are you reading this? You two twenty-somethings? Your dad found bunny at his house. He says she’s missing a few of her carrots. After all this time she must have gotten powerfully hungry. But I think that’s one stuffed in her left pocket.

My brother found bunny and sent me this photo. How sweet is that? Brothers are the best!

Click here to see six more of my knitted bunnies, including another version of this cutie. Is it a tad strange to have been knitting so long that I’ve knit an entire warren of bunnies?

4 thoughts on “Hippity hop hop

  1. Thanks for posting the old bunny Nina (wow – “Nina” – bet you don’t here that very often anymore!), and for the “brother’s are the best” – so are sisters. Love to watch your blog.

  2. @Tom…Nina..wow! Nope, haven’t heard that in ages! So glad you follow my blog!

  3. @ Dayana Knits…Saving a carrot for a rainy day is, I’ve heard, always a good plan.

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