Hippity hop hop


All together, now. “Awwhhhh.” This is “Colleen’s Rabbits,” well one of them, from Patricia Ann Ford’s pattern booklet, copyright 1994. I knit bunny around 1995 or thereabouts.

Nieces! Nieces are you reading this? You two twenty-somethings? Your dad found bunny at his house. He says she’s missing a few of her carrots. After all this time she must have gotten powerfully hungry. But I think that’s one stuffed in her left pocket.

My brother found bunny and sent me this photo. How sweet is that? Brothers are the best!

Click here to see six more of my knitted bunnies, including another version of this cutie. Is it a tad strange to have been knitting so long that I’ve knit an entire warren of bunnies?

My Knitted Bunny Phase

DapperBunny2Once upon a time, and it really had nothing to do with Easter, I got into knitting rabbits.  They just kept multiplying and multiplying.  It was a lot of fun.  It brought lots of smiles to quite a few folks, including me.  I call this guy, perched in his chair, my Dapper Bunny.  He contrasts with Sweet Bunny (who has a stash of knitted carrots tucked into her handbag). Sweet Bunny wears felted slippers.  She was designed by Patricia Ann Ford as part of her “Colleen’s Rabbits” series.  Dapper Bunny had a designer too, but he’s lost a lot of IQ points since he was knitted and he’s forgotten who cooked him up.


Then there’s Bohus Bunny and Bow-Legged Bunny.  Bow-Legged Bunny remembers that he was an old Sandra Magazine pattern, but other than that his origins (like Bohus’s) are cloaked in the fog of the antiquities.   Pastel Bunny can’t remember her origins either.  Big Eared Little Bunny Bunny knows that she was designed by Debbie Bliss as her Ballerina Bunny.  She prefers not to dwell on that. And no, she does not own a tutu.