A great knitter who I respect was writing about using knits and purls to create a sweater with interesting butterfly details. In the process, she offered up some good-natured ribbing (not the ribbing we knitters think of) about not understanding those of us who knit dishcloths. In the process, she linked to this beauty of a free picture dishcloth pattern on Ravelry. Fisch,,Blubb”–Spuli. Deborah9 designed it. My apologies to Deborah9 for vandalizing her pattern title. Spuli is supposed to have an umlaut above the “u” and I can’t figure out how to make that happen on my uni-lingual keyboard.

This pattern is a real hoot to knit. The pattern is released in German and in English.

My Blubb is knit in Drops Muskat by Garnstudio, a mercerized DK cotton. I used US size 2 needles. Part of the trick to picture knitting like this is to create a tight fabric. The pattern calls for sportweight cotton and size 0-1 US needles.

The picture is best viewed from an oblique angle. So, not straight on. Straight on, it looks like this.


Kind of messy.This deep orange cloth was actually my Blubb #2.

Here’s my Blubb #1, also in Muskat, this time knit on US size 3 needles.


You’ll notice some of the bubbles are missing. So are some of the spacing rows. One skein of Muskat wasn’t enough to complete the chart at this gauge.

Here’s a a look from straight on.


This goofy kind of stuff can be great fun. My holiday guests are going to have quite a selection of dishcloths to choose from this year.

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