A great knitter who I respect was writing about using knits and purls to create a sweater with interesting butterfly details. In the process, she offered up some good-natured ribbing (not the ribbing we knitters think of) about not understanding those of us who knit dishcloths. In the process, she linked to this beauty of a free picture dishcloth pattern on Ravelry. Fisch,,Blubb”–Spuli. Deborah9 designed it. My apologies to Deborah9 for vandalizing her pattern title. Spuli is supposed to have an umlaut above the “u” and I can’t figure out how to make that happen on my uni-lingual keyboard.

This pattern is a real hoot to knit. The pattern is released in German and in English.

My Blubb is knit in Drops Muskat by Garnstudio, a mercerized DK cotton. I used US size 2 needles. Part of the trick to picture knitting like this is to create a tight fabric. The pattern calls for sportweight cotton and size 0-1 US needles.

The picture is best viewed from an oblique angle. So, not straight on. Straight on, it looks like this.


Kind of messy.This deep orange cloth was actually my Blubb #2.

Here’s my Blubb #1, also in Muskat, this time knit on US size 3 needles.


You’ll notice some of the bubbles are missing. So are some of the spacing rows. One skein of Muskat wasn’t enough to complete the chart at this gauge.

Here’s a a look from straight on.


This goofy kind of stuff can be great fun. My holiday guests are going to have quite a selection of dishcloths to choose from this year.

“…is it intervention time?”


I’m a huge fan of Amy Marie’s slip-stitch dishcloths. This pair is her “Dishscraper That Never Sleeps” pattern.  What? An almost-sophisticated dishcloth? How could that be? Maybe we should call this one a spa cloth. Here’s a closer look.

brown_cityAnd here’s its twin city.

skyscraper2I knit it in DROPS Muskat, a sport-weight cotton.

How about her “Flamingo Shores Kitchen and Spa Cloth?” Pretty spiffy, shown here in Knit Picks Dishie Solids.



Sometimes Amy Marie’s cloths are interesting color studies. This one, I call “Bunny Hiding in Spring Grass”–for obvious reasons.


Look what happens in colors that don’t share the same tonal qualities.


“Some Bunny Do the Dishes Cloth” really pops in contrasting colors.


“Squirrel Away the Dishes Cloth” worked well in both colorways I chose. These are knit in every dishcloth knitters’ old standby: Lily’s Sugar ‘n Cream.


Definitely very cute, very clever, very easy.


Since I’ve worked through most of Amy Marie’s slip-stitch patterns, maybe Dot won’t need that intervention she has planned for me.  Check out more of this designer’s patterns available for purchase on Ravelry. And check out a few more that I’ve knit and blogged about already.