Sea Smoke Hat

This is Sea Smoke Hat, a recent design by Linda of Knitwise Designs. The pattern is available on Ravelry, including via a link on the Knitwise website. It’s shown here knitted in Berroco Flicker, a worsted weight mix of nearly 90% alpaca and 10% assorted other fibers (mostly acrylic). This is the “giselle” colorway. When your eyeballs look at, at least when mine do, it figures to be one of those “best to look, not touch” yarns. Wrong. It’s super soft. Whatever the silver threads are, they aren’t going to scratch heads or make a wearer wish she wasn’t wearing it.

I knitted the medium and, though the pattern recommends two skeins, one was enough for me with .4 ounces left. Best to buy two skeins, just to be on the safe side. That one additional skein could be returned to the shop. But my guess is you’ll find another use for it.

Speaking of another use for Flicker, Knitwise Designs has a matching scarf pattern, with that same vintage-look lace fan at either end of the scarf. Check it out on my blog¬†or on the designer’s site or Ravelry. Both patterns are error-free and fun to knit.

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