Baby’s bed buddy

Evelyn came to visit her grandmother. Grandmother Me. Evelyn is two. Evelyn’s parents were comfortable with her still sleeping in her Guava. Well, she doesn’t sleep in an actual guava. She sleeps in a Lotus when she visits. OK. She sleeps in a Guava Family Lotus. It’s a…a…fancy Pack ‘n Play. It seemed sturdier to me, when I purchased it for her brother. It has served well for visits.

Anyway, Evelyn’s favorite stuffie is not something handmade. It’s a doll. Sort of an odd doll, actually. She goes by the name of “Baby” or “Baby Doll” or sometimes “Doll Baby.” Whatever you do, do not even think of separating Evelyn from Baby.

The Guava Lotus looked a little empty for a just-turned two year old. I thought Baby might like a pillow and a blanket. So I knit them. The blanket is actually Dishcloth Diva Deb  Buckingham’s pattern, Neutrals. Baby’s Neutrals is hot pink though. It suits her better. And the pillow is just a two motif, folded-in-half Neutrals.

I had a little extra time waiting for the young ones and their parents to arrive, so I added a teddy bear for Baby to sleep with. This one is a teeny version of Lesley Anne Price’s fine pattern, “The Bears.” I knit him with leftover sock yarn, Quaere Fibre‘s sportweight, in the Spring Flowers colorway. You just never know when those little bits of leftovers can come in handy. I knitted Teeny on size one needles. One leg is the width of a U.S. dime. So, very very teeny.

Baby only seems to have eyes for Evelyn. Baby ignored her new bedding and toy. But Evelyn was quite taken with this little set. She mostly kept them in her Guava Lotus. During Evelyn and her family’s week-long visit, I regularly found Teeny tucked under his blankie. Teeny couldn’t quite get the hang of the pillow thing, but all told this grandmother declares her knitting effort a success.

Dishcloth Diva: Deb Buckingham

Each of these cloths is from Deb Buckingham’s great book: Dishcloth Diva. She’s already released Dishcloth Diva II–but I didn’t find even her first book until Steve gifted it to me this past holiday.

Let’s see, from top yellow diagonally down to the bottom yellow and back up to the tan, it’s Neutrals, Cutting Edge, Organic, Glamour, Contemporary, Stonework, and Linear. Most of my set is knit in Drops Paris (yellow, green, orange). And the tan ones are KnitPIcks Dishie. Both yarns are great dishcloth cotton. Paris has a little more body to it. Dishie is a bit more refined.

These are obviously all very quick knits. You could knit the entire set of seven in a good solid weekend of knitting.

Here’s a closer look at Neutrals, followed by Stonework:

Each of these is generously sized. So is this next one, the tic-tac-toe board that Buckingham calls Contemporary:

Linear is a tad daintier in size:

Linear has great texture for doing whatever you have your cloths do: wiping away stuff in the sink or wiping away stuff in your spa.

Glamour is a fun knit.

I’m not sure I see the Glamour. But…maybe. There is sort of an Art Deco look to this one.

I can definitely see Organic in a spa setting. I knit mine in Dishie, which isn’t an “organically” grown cotton. But you could take the plunge, pay tons more for the yarn, and surprise a friend with organic sensibilities.

And this last one is Cutting Edge.

I don’t block any of my dishcloths. Not even if I gift them. They are, after all, dishcloths. But if you’re more fussy, all of these will square up nicely with just a bit of blocking.