Windschief Cap

I’m doing the knitting cozy hats when it’s 92 degrees and humid again. It’s actually rather sensible. Knitting a hat is a very compact project. ¬†Perfect for warm weather knitting, except that you’ll have to wait months to wear it or gift it. In fact, it’s so hot that you won’t even want to try it on. That’s when yarn-for-brains glass heads come in handy.

This is another Steven West design: Windschief. It can be knitted as a hat, as here (worked up in a local hand-dyed washable wool).  Or leave off the top shaping, return to 1-1 twisted rib, and you have a nifty cowl. As here. Quick. Easy. And the twisted rib carried through the body of the hat (and cowl) adds just enough to keep the knitting interesting.




2 thoughts on “Windschief Cap

  1. @Evelyn…thanks. The pattern is a good one and I really like the color way in this yarn.

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