When knitting gives you lemons…

…knitters make fibery lemonade.

This is Steven West’s Herbivore. Lots of knitters have great success with the pattern. It is clearly written. My yarn was Crazy Zauberball by Schoppel-Woole.  Great yarn. Good pattern. It just didn’t work for me. It didn’t hold my interest and so I ended up with a few errant yarn overs, which didn’t bother me enough to try to do something about them. On the yarn over front, this is not actually as messy as this photo makes it look. Herbivore’s side “wings” are curling and won’t block out. In my hands, an unsatisfying knit.

I was thinking Herbivore might be a babushka for a small human.  Sort of like this:

But small humans don’t tend to have high tolerance for having their heads wrapped in wool tied under their sensitive chinny chin chins.

And then, it came to me. Poodie. Poodie is a knitted sock monkey and a voracious reader. But he’s kind of impoverished when it comes to clothing. He has a hat, which he’s not wearing here because it’s 99 degrees today. And he has a little bow tie. But he has no other clothes. So, meet Poodie modeling Herbie, his shawlette. Poodie obviously has good taste in knitwear and isn’t afraid to make a fashion statement.